General Information

Edinburgh Young Carers Information Leaflet

A perfect introduction to the charity, our work and aims. Use this leaflet to speak to families and young people about their rights and making a referral.

Click here for Edinburgh Young Carers Leaflet

Edinburgh Young Carers; a Guide for Parents and Families

This leaflet is designed to support conversations with parents about joining the charity. Use this to guide the conversation, answer questions and respond to worries and concerns.

Child Protection

Edinburgh Young Carers puts child protection at the forefront of all our activities.

Click here for our Child Protection Policy and Procedures.

Research and Reports

‘Ask Me-I’m Here Too’

Edinburgh Young Carers is pleased to launch our report Ask Me – I’m Here Too this Carers Week.  This is a research and evaluation project into the lived experiences of young carers who are providing care for siblings with a long-term illness or disability.  The findings in this report highlight the need for more understanding, awareness and support of sibling young carers and the caring experiences they have.  Edinburgh Young Carers calls for eight recommendations across education, health and social care to support the needs of sibling young carers.

Ask-Me-Im-Here-Too.pdf (

Supportive Materials For Schools

Supporting Young Carers in School; Good Practice Guidelines

The guidelines have been created in collaboration with professionals from the City of Edinburgh Council and an amazing group of very enthusiastic young carers. Their education experiences shaped the guidelines, and we have included all of their feedback. We hope that you find the guidance helpful and the quotes impactful to help you develop long-term, sustainable approaches to supporting young carers in your school.

What Is A Young Carers Statement?

All young carers are entitled to ask for a Young Carers Statement. This leaflet for professionals and children is designed to answer questions about the statement, the benefits, what is included and the child’s rights around the statement.

Young Carer Lesson Plans: Primary

Linked to the Health and Wellbeing Experiences and Outcomes these lessons aim to introduce the theme of caring, create a ‘recipe for caring’ and the different reasons that people might need cared for, and the people who might need cared for.

Young Carer Lesson Plans: High Schools

Linked to the Health and Wellbeing Experiences and Outcomes, the aim of the lessons is to describe some of the roles and responsibilities of young carers, including emotional and practical responsibilities and to empower young people to understand how they can access help and support