Edinburgh Young Carers

Youth matters

Edinburgh Young Carers is a voluntary organisation that provides respite and support to young people living in North and South-East Edinburgh, between the ages of 5 and 25, who care for somebody at home.  We aim to improve the lives and wellbeing of young carers by raising awareness, offering emotional and practical support and by giving each young person the opportunity to take a break from their caring role and have fun in a friendly, supportive environment where they can be themselves and leave worries behind.

Do you look after someone who suffers from:

Mental health problems?
Chronic ill-health?
Drug and alcohol use?

Young Carers’ rights

It’s important to remember that each young carer is a unique individual, a child who is entitled to a childhood, a person who is entitled to discover their potential, and a human being whose rights should be respected.


will pay for a young carer to get an evening’s break in an activity group with other young carers

Help make a difference

Why do we work in schools?

Enable greater identification of and support to Young Carers in Edinburgh, through working directly with primary and secondary schools.

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