Due to current Coronavirus legislation all of our training will be offered virtually through Teams or Zoom

Training for Edinburgh Schools

Edinburgh Young Carers can deliver bespoke training in schools within the north/south-east and central locality

As part of the Schools Awareness Project we can work with your school to deliver whole-school training to identify hidden young carers. We can offer training from 60 minutes to a whole morning and can cover all or some of the following learning areas:

  • Whole-school approaches to supporting young carers
  • Understanding Scottish policy and legislation to support young carers
  • Writing a young carer policy
  • Top Tips for teachers to support young carers
  • How to be a great Young Carer Coordinator
  • Supporting young carers to reach their academic potential
  • Offering a great transition for young carers

To discuss training options for your setting contact:

“Eye-opening! Prior to the course, I did not know anything about the challenges young carers faced or how many pupils may be in a caring role. I now feel more able to support pupils and identify young carers so that they can access support for their learning.”
Angus Carruthers – James Gillespies High School

Sector Specific Training

Edinburgh Young Carers offers young carer awareness training to any professional who wants to learn more about young carers. Our training is free and can be accessed virtually through Teams/Zoom or can be arranged in-person.

Our training can be tailored to your individual requirements and specific to your setting. We aim to make our training user-friendly, informative and full of ‘top tips’ which can improve your practice instantly!

We offer young carer awareness training to any professional with the opportunity to identify a hidden young carer.

Sectors currently covered:

  • Healthcare
  • Schools/Colleges/Universities
  • Social Work
  • Pharmacy
  • Third-sector and other charities
  • Local Government
  • Housing Associations

Please contact us to discuss training for your individual sector.

After taking part in the training with Edinburgh Young Carers, I will be more acutely aware of the possibility of a young person being a young carer and feel more confident that I could approach this and get them support

Quote from training recipient

How to Identify and Support Young Carers

The training will empower you to identify a young carer in your class, to understand how caring can impact a child and many top tips to help you support children in your setting. It is suitable for professionals in schools, healthcare, social care, charities or third sector. Come along to find out how to identify hidden young carers, the impact of caring and top tips to support young carers in your setting.

How to be a great Young Carer Coordinator

Are you a new Young Carer Coordinator? Have you formed in a team to identify and support young carers in your Edinburgh School? Come along to this session to find out how to create a whole-school sustained approach to supporting young carers. This training will empower you to:

* Offer support for young carers within schools

*Write a young carer policy

*Refer for Young Carer Statements

*Work with external services to support young carers