COVID-19 in Scotland – Impact on Unpaid Carers

Carers Trust Scotland Research

“Between November 2020 to May 2021, Carers Trust Scotland carried out research to understand the experiences and challenges that the pandemic led to in Scotland for unpaid carers, and consequently, carer support workers and carer services.

Many unpaid carers found that they were spending more time caring, with less opportunity to get a break. Many felt the needs of the person(s) they care for had intensified, and found their responsibilities increasing as a result of other services being paused or closed. This impacted on unpaid carers’ mental and physical health.

The challenges unpaid carers faced also had an impact on carer support workers. Many found that their role changed to provide increasing emotional support to unpaid carers. The pausing of other services, as well as the complexity of carers’ circumstances, increased the workload for many carer service support workers.” – Carers Trust Scotland website, July 2021

View the full report here: Carers Trust Scotland – COVID-19 in Scotland: The Impact on Unpaid Carers and Carer Service Support Workers