Identification and Support in Schools

Identifying Young Carers in Schools

The main focus of our awareness-raising sessions and training for pupils or teachers are to allow young carers to self-identify, or provide staff with the knowledge and confidence to identify undisclosed caring roles. 

The baseline aim is to ensure that we are helping schools to create a safe and secure environment, tolerant of disability and difference, where young carers feel that they can talk about their caring situations or their home life without fear of judgement or prejudice. 

This continues to be an objective in our workshops – which also look closely at family relationships, illness, disability and caring behaviours – as well as young carer roles, experiences and support.

Our workshops are Curriculum for Excellence level specific and so we can work with any year group from P2 to S3, through levels one to three.  For all levels our workshops meet Health and Wellbeing Experiences and Outcomes, and some in the Literacy and Expressive Arts curricular areas also.  Our workshops also work towards helping pupils to meet the four capacities – successful learners, responsible citizens, effective contributors, confident individuals.

Workshops cater to as many different learning styles as possible with active/experiential learning at the heart, although we endeavour to include activities for those whose preferred learning style is through reading/writing, visual or aural.

Through our workshops we hope to not only allow young carers the chance to self-identify but also to raise awareness of young carer issues and give peers the opportunity to understand their situations.

Supporting Young Carers in School

As within our core services, the main focus of our assessment and support work with young carers in schools is to ensure that we take a holistic look at their caring role and provide a personalised support plan. 

Our aim is to undertake an Initial Assessment for each young person identified to assess their caring role.  For those young carers who will then be accessing support from the Schools Project, a Footprints Development Plan is completed. 

The aims of our 1-1 support work in schools for young carers is to:

  • Increase the young person’s confidence in accessing group support
  • Help them work towards achieving positive outcomes
  • Help the young person manage a particularly difficult or chaotic period in their lives

The aims of the group work in schools for young carers is to:

  • Build friendships and take part in new activities
  • Encourage peer support from other young carers
  • Improve the young person’s emotional and physical wellbeing
  • Increase the young person’s confidence in managing their caring role
  • Ensure the young person feels better able to balance their caring role with achieving their full  educational potential
  • Ensure the young person feels better supported in their caring role